Play Cages with Climbing Poles

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Catalog #49849

  • Constructed of 304 Stainless Steel.

  • Unit provides ~9-1/2 square feet of floor space.  Can be custom sized.

  • (1) Large Hinged Personnel Door is provided at front of Play Cage, Lockable.

  • Front Panel on Door is a 1” x 3” Wire Grid and Horizontal Rungs made of Tube.

  • Transfer Box Rods included under cage door. Chow Boxes provided.

  • Various Linear Perches included, strategically located for easy animal usage.

  • Waste Pans sloped slightly towards back.

  • Heavy Duty Water Line


Catalog #37451

Catalog #47455

  • Constructed of 304 Stainless Steel.

  • Approx. Dimensions are 56” long x 30-1/4” wide x 79-3/4” tall.(Includes blue polyurethane wheels and a zerk fitting for lubrication)

  • Frame of Play Cage is 1-1/2” x 1-1/2” x 1/8” SS Formed Angle.

  • Wire Panel Walls are .162” dia. x 1” x 3” Slot openings, all Stainless.

  • Floor and Ceiling Panels are .162” dia. x 1” x 1” openings, all stainless.

  • (1) Animal Door on Front of Play Cage.

  • Transfer Box Rods included under each door.

  • Small Cut Outs on all sides of Play Cage for animal hands to reach out.

  • Various Perches/Resting Platforms, located as per customer specification.

  • Removable Foraging Trays with Removable Wire Panel provided with latches.

  • Foraging Trays will slide in above Cage Floor.

  • Removable Privacy Panels provided out of opaque Lexan material. Half width of Cage.

  • Heavy Duty Water Line included made from ½” SS Schedule 40 Pipe, includes Edstrom fittings: Quick disconnect, Drain and (2) Drinking Valves.

  • Add a Handle to side of Unit for maneuvering.

  • Bead Blasted to a Matte Finish