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One-Over-One Socialization Rack

 Catalog #42939  -  6.25sf (Extension Cage 41061 shown attached to Rack below)

  • One-Over-One Configuration that allows Horizontal and Vertical Pairing.

  • Overall height of rack is 82-1/2” to pass through an 82-3/4” tall door opening.

  • Overall width is 34-7/8” to pass through a 39-1/2” door way.

  • Each cage has 6.25 sq. ft. of floor area based on outside of frame dim. of 30” x 32”.

  • Interior height of each cage is a minimum of 32”.

  • Each rack is supported on Colson Casters with 5” Dia. X 2” wide wheels.

  • Front casters have Brakes.

  • All metal components are #304 stainless steel.

  • Infinitely Pairable horizontally with other like Units.

  • SS Spring Loaded Latches provided.

  • Doors are constructed of ½” diameter rod with 5/16” vertical rods on 1” centers.

  • Robust Cage Door Lock Mechanism with additional Lock Tabs.

  • A larger Animal Door provided with extra notch for Door Latch to engage.

  • Animal Door Lock Tabs on upper and lower animal doors.

  • Foraging Board provided.

  • Small Biscuit Retrieval Access Door provided.

  • Food Box provided.

  • The primary frame members are fabricated of 1/8” thick SS plate.

  • All cage sides are fabricated of 16 Ga. SS sheet.

  • Rear of Cages are solid 16ga SS Sheet.

  • All sloping waste pans and troughs are fabricated of 16 Ga. SS sheet.

  • The caster base frame is fabricated of 1-1/2” square SS tube.

  • Hinged Waterlines to be plumbed in from the rear of the rack.  Fully tested.

  • Double Handled Squeeze Back provided and locks in various forward positions.

  • The wire mesh panels above the dividers in each side are 1” x 1” with .162 dia. SS wire.

  • Socialization Panels include Visual Dividers on the right and Solid Dividers on the left.

  • Horizontal Divider Panels have secure Latches.

  • Fixed Privacy Panels provided at rear of Divider Assemblies.

  • Extra drainage notch provided at front of Divider Assemblies.

  • All units are bead blasted to a matte finish.

  • Unique Vertical Pairing feature provided.  The ½ Floor of Top Cage, the ½ Waste Pan and ½ Ceiling of Bottom Cage will telescope to rear of cage to allow vertical pairing.  It eliminates the need to pull out and store any parts when pairing.  All self-contained.

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