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Bio Unit is constructed entirely of 304 Stainless Steel with Tempered Glass windows.

  • One over One Configuration with each chamber operating independently.

  • The Bio Unit is suitable for Autoclave and allows for a Removable 4.3 Cage to be used.

  • Chambers will allow a min. 5.0sq.ft. of space.  Removable Cages and features include:

  • An outer Bio Cage Door fully opens and is lockable in closed position.  The Outer Door is fully sealed when closed.  A Hepa Filter Box is located on the Front Sealed Door. (can accommodate Warming Units).

  • A Tempered Glass provided on Outer Door for viewing and is fully sealed.

  • Tempered Glass provided on both sides of cage and is fully sealed.

  • Tempered Glass can be added at rear of Chamber. Customer preference.

  • Individual Waterline on each chamber w/quick disconnect, drain and drink valve.

  • A Removable Hepa Fan Box provided to pull air through cage from the Removable Hepa Filter Box on front Door and exhaust air through another Hepa Filter back into the room (can be used w/other room air exhaust system).

  • Hepa Filters provide a sealed connection to Unit, certified IEST-RP-CC001.

  • Unit supported on 4” Polyurethane Casters Wheels w/Stainless Steel Rigging.

Removable Cage features include:

  • All SS .162” Dia. Welded Wire construction with min. 4.3 sq. ft. floor space.

  • Squeeze Back slides on UHMW plastic bearings.  No metal to metal surfaces.

  • The squeeze back can be latched at various forward positions when pulled.

  • Removable Waste Pans provided.  Slides within channel frame on cage.

  • Guillotine or Horizontal Animal Door provided with door latch.

  • Cage Data Card Holder OPTIONAL.

  • A Fixed Food Box OPTIONAL.

  • A 5 Bar Perch is provided inside cage using ½”Dia. SS Rods.

  • Provisions for 3” x 3” x 32oz. water Bottles to be used when needed.

  • Unit is Bead Blasted to a Matte Finish.

Bio-containment Units

with Removable Cages  Catalog # 37324

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