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One-Over-One Socialization Rack

 Catalog #45321  -  4.3sf

  • All 304 Stainless Steel Construction.

  • Overall depth is approx. 34-7/8” and width is approx. 28”, Unit ~82” Tall.

  • Each cage has 4.3 sq. ft. of floor area.  Interior height of each cage is ~32”.

  • Self-storing dividers in the side walls to include solid, perforated and grooming bars.

  • Dry waste pans that will be removed when activating Telescoping Floor.

  • Retractable Telescoping Midsection provided. (not removable)

  • Hinged Horizontal wire cage front, with matching horizontal sliding animal door in it.

  • Transfer box rod provided.

  • Removable wire feeder provided, with tighter wire grid on the bottom of the feeder.

  • Single handled squeeze, with a fixed perch on the opposite side (Handle also acts as an additional perch) Squeeze Glides on UHMW Plastic Bearings.  Handle has (4) ¾” Dia. SS Tubes.

  • Removable Water Bottle Holders with Water Bottles provided.

  • Each rack is supported on SS Casters with 5” Dia. X 2” wide wheels, sealed SS bearings. Front casters have Brakes.

  • Doors are constructed of ½” diameter rod with horizontal rods on ~1” centers.

  • A lockable Horizontal Animal Door provided in main door on front of Cage.

  • The primary frame members are fabricated of 1/8” thick SS plate.

  • All cages sides are fabricated of 16 Ga. SS sheet as well as the rear of Cages.

  • The caster base frame is fabricated of 1-1/2” square SS tube.

  • The wire mesh panels above the dividers in each side are 1” x 1” with .162 dia. SS wire.

  • All units are bead blasted to a matte finish


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