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Collapsible Attaching Steps

Catalog # 50177 (also see catalog # 50182 in blue below)


  • Made from seaboard material

  • Waterproof

  • Steps collapse into four flat pieces

  • Steps assemble easily using fitted slats and latches

  • Steps shown here were customized to attach to the back end of a boat, so the family dog could easily climb onto the boat without injury or boat damage

  • Unassembled approximate size: 30" L x 28" W x 2.5" H (with latches)

  • Assembled approximate size: 28.5" W x 30" H x 28" Deep

  • Individual step size: 8" Deep x 28.5" W (24.5" between assembled side panels)

  • Design can be customized to fit individual needs (size, color, material, etc.)

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