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Collapsible Play Cage

Catalog # 52901


  • Constructed of 304 Stainless Steel.

  • Approximate Dimensions are 57” wide x 79” long x 82” tall. 

  • The Play Cage provides ~28 square feet of floor space.  (Can be custom sized)

  • Supported by (6) 5” SS Casters, Locking and Non-Locking options.

  • Frame of Play Pen is 1-1/2” x 1-1/2” x .083” SS Box Tube.

  • Fully welded custom milled SS Knuckle Joints allow the Unit to Collapse.

  • Wire Panel Walls and Ceiling are .162” dia. x 1” x 3” Slot openings, all Stainless.

  • Floor Panels are .162” dia. x 1” x 1” openings, all Stainless.

  • (1) Personnel Door is provided at front of Play Cage, Lockable.

  • (2) Horizontal Sliding Animal Doors will be provided on right hand / left hand side walls at the same elevation of the Animal Cage Doors on the NHP Cages being used, secure latches provided.  Paring Mechanism provided.

  • Climbing Pole provided and would need to be removed prior to collapsing the Unit.

  • Climbing Pole spins freely in UHMW Plastic Bearing Blocks with Stainless Steel Cover plates.  Climbing Pole is easily installed and removed from Play Pen.

  • Various Fixed Perches located inside Play Cage and collapse with Unit.

  • Primate Swing provided and can be placed on various fixed tabs on the roof panels.


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