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Transport Cage   Catalog # 43000

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  • All 304 Stainless Steel construction.

  • Each Unit will have 8 SF of interior floor space.

  • Approximate internal dimensions of the Units are 40” x 28.8”.

  • Caster Base and Main Frame components constructed of SS 1-1/2’ X 1-1/2’ Box Tube.

  • Unit is supported on SS 5” Casters with Locking Casters on Front of Unit.

  • The front of the cage has 3/8” diameter rods on 1-1/2” centers including Man Door.

  • The Hinged Man Door has a heavy duty latch and provisions for a lock and should either not have a top frame or be tall enough for a person to walk upright through door.  Door should swing open.

  • Large Removable SS “J” Feed Box provided. Feed will slope toward animals through Box.  Feeder will be as low to the ground as possible ~5” off the ground and have minimal floor footprint to still contain 2 cups of food.

  • Pre-piped Water System provided with QD and Drain towards front of Unit.  Access to water must be as low to the ground as possible by ~4-5” and/or be adjustable.

  • Long Side Panels are removable and made of SS 3/8” dia. Rods on 1-1/2” centers.

  • The center of each cage should have a track or system for placement of a long side panel to divide it in half, such that when three units are locked together, the long side panel splits the three 8SF areas into two 12SF areas.  This track system should not be raised on the floor in a way that would cause injury to feet/hooves.

  • Feeders should be removable.  In the event that a cage is divided into two (to make two 12SF cage) the feeder should either be out of the way of the track system OR have a panel that can be placed in its stead when the Long Side Panel is in place in center of the Cage.

  • Cages should have water bottle holding system on the front of the cages designed so the end of the sipper tube is ~4-5” above the floor.

  • Waste Deflectors/Splash Guards provided at rear of Unit for wash down process.

  • The floor grate sections are made from Aqua Grate Pedestrian Grating #T1210 or compatible “T-Bar” extruded fiberglass flooring able to hold human weight.

Floor Grates are Removable for easy cleaning

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