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Group Holding Pens

Catalog # 39094

The Group Holding Pens are constructed to give a large variety of housing options for your NHP's. The fixed pens work together with a Socialization Rack. Dividers on the rack open to dividers on the walls of the pens, when the dividers are open the animals can move from rack to pen.


Guillotine doors on the back wall of the room lead to outdoor pens. The guillotine doors are operated by a cable and pulley system. The cable is contained within a stainless conduit and is operated from across the room.


A man door on each pen makes accessibility easy. Each pen has multiple perches. All wire and frames are constructed of Stainless Steel. Pens can be disassembled and removed from the rooms if necessary. Marine grade plastic make up the walls of the pens, for cleaning and longevity.


All pens and racks are constructed to your specifications.




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