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C2SI provides consulting and material for various housing projects. This page represents components supplied for a Group Shelter Housing project.


We provided components consisting of Stainless Steel wire enclosures with clamp systems that bolt to existing structure. PVC perches, PVC Play Cage and Ferris Wheels, Food Boxes, Hose Pass Thru, Remote operated animal doors, and floor trough covers.


Allow C2SI to work with your architect when building or remodeling your next animal facility.


Group Shelter

PVC and Stainless Steel Perches:


Various sizes provided. PVC pipe perch with stainless steel wall mounts, Stainless Steel towel bar perch under the food box. Can be made in various lengths and styles.

Feed Boxes:


Tilting food hoppers, constructed of Stainless Steel. Animal retrieval holes for foraging food. Comes with hood cover to protect food. Locks shut, easy to clean.


Come in various sizes.

Gym Set and Ferris Wheel (Right) Provided in each room for animals to exercise and play.

Animal Doors: (below)


Remote operated animal doors, shown in an open and closed position. Stainless steel door frame are animal proof. HDPE plastic guillotine door.

Hose Pass Thru: (left)


Stainless steel construction, with UHMW rollers to allow hose to pass easily through wire enclosure for wash down of rooms.

Floor Trough Covers: (below)


Covered with Stainless steel sheet to control dry bedding from getting into the drains.

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