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Air Flow Test Meter

  • Air flow test meters are available to check, and periodically monitor, air flow through the Bio-containment chamber. These test devices are manufactured using an Omega Impeller Digital Anemometer which is incorporated into a custom designed holder manifold. The two handle design of the assembly allows the technician to press the air flow test meter manifold to the air inlet on the filter box on the Bio-containment chamber.
    (Two air flow test meter designs are available. One has provisions for a rectangular
    opening; the other has provisions for a round opening). In this position, all air is drawn
    through the meter, and the air velocity as indicated on the meter can be related to air
    changes per hour in the chamber. A common goal is 15 air changes per hour.

Air flow Meter 2.jpg
Air flow Meter 1.jpg
Air flow Meter 3.jpg
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