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Baboon Cage Catalog # 56190

  • All 304 Stainless Steel construction.

  • Approx. sizes of Units to match existing design providing nearly 12sq.ft. of floor space.

  • Outside Dimensions of Units are 37” wide x 55” deep x 73-1/4” tall.

  • Add additional 12” for Crank Mechanism at rear of cage.

  • Inside Dimensions of Units are 34” wide x 50-1/2” deep x 55” tall.

  • Cage Floor is located ~17-1/2” above the room floor and has ¾” SS Half Round Slats.

  • Caster Base and Main Frame components constructed of1-1/2” X 1-1/2” SS Box Tube.

  • Removable and Sloping SS Waste Pan.

  • Sliding Animal Door provided at front of Unit with secure Latch provided.

  • Solid Sheet Metal Protective Plate located above Feed Box to protect staff when feeding.

  • Unit is supported on SS 5” Casters with Swivel and Locking Casters.

  • Secure Latching Mechanisms provided to pair Units together.

  • Cage Sides have Fixed Rear portion of wall with Self Storing Sliding front half for pairing.

  • Sliding Door is all SS Vertical Rods and will allow various forward locking positions.

  • All Solid Panels have stiffening cross breaks made from 18ga. Stainless Steel Sheet.

  • The front of the cage has 3/8” diameter rods on 1-1/2” centers including Man Door.

  • Pre-piped Water Drinking Valve is mounted at the rear of the cage.

  • Squeeze Back acts as rear wall, operated at rear of cage with improved crank mechanism

  • Linear Perch made with 1” x 1” SS Box Tubes with Thermal Neutral Plastic. ~8” wide and located approximately 1/3rd of the way off the Cage Floor.

  • Front Vertical Rods are 3/8” SS located on 1-1/2” Centers.

  • Feed Box provided with secure latching mechanism.

  • UHMW Bumpers provided located 24-1/2” Above Floor Level.

  • Units will be Bead Blasted to a Matte Finish.

Front View.jpg
Back View, No Cover.jpg
Back View, With Cover.jpg
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