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Black Bear Paw Door   catalog #45342  

  • Stainless Steel Materials.

  • Size of Paw Door opening is ~10” long x 10” wide x 10” tall.

  • Overall size of Door Assembly will be slightly bigger for door slide guides.

  • Door Slide Brackets provided for a Horizontal and Vertical Sliding Doors.

  • A Horizontal Door provided that opens to the right hand side.

  • The Vertical Door Panel is made with ½” thick thermal neutral plastic.

  • Paw Door will have half circle cut out to close over Bear Paw.

  • A secure latch provided for Horizontal Door.

  • A way to secure vertical Paw Door will be provided.

  • Channel Shaped area for Bear to place Paw.

  • SS Rod provided to slide through channel to help contain Paw at different heights.

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