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Controlled Environment Chamber

Catalog # 38488


The Controlled Environment Chamber allows the housing of NHP's in a microbiological environment that can operate at a BSL-3 level. The equipment can elevate the oxygen level in the chamber up to 50% and control temperature, humidity and CO2.


All doors and openings have mechanical devices for seal compression. The cage is removable, and has a waste pan. All doors and windows are made from tempered glass.


Chambers and cages can be made to accommodate several species of animals. Various sizes are available.


Air entering and exiting the chamber passes through a carbon pre-filter and HEPA filter.


The air that exits the rear of the chamber passes through a special housing. The special housing contains a fan to move the air, environmental sensing, temperature control, oxygen and air introduction. The adjusted air is then reintroduced into the front of the chamber.


The chamber operates with a slight negative pressure, so any leakage is inward.


Cage Specifications:
Cages shown are 6.0 Ft.2
Pre-piped waterline and drinking valve
All Stainless Steel and Tempered Glass Material
Suitable for 250F Autoclave


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