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Metabolic Unit

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Catalog # 43360 LH Opening - # 43215 RH Opening

  • The chambers are designed and manufactured similar to our Bio-Containment chambers.  They will be provided with the same rugged material and features which include the heavy duty front door with compressible silicon seals and over center latching system.


  • The Chambers are constructed entirely of 304 Stainless Steel with ½” Black Seaboard (plastic) windows in front hinged door, each side and rear with transparent Lexan ceiling.  Materials good to 180 degrees during cage washings.


  • Each Chamber is approximately 36” wide x 41” deep x 48” tall (inside dimensions) and is supported on a caster base frame.  Cage Floor is 30” high from the room floor.


  • When the front door is opened, the integral SS wire cage front with guillotine door is visible.  Cage Doors can fully open and are removable by humans, not NHP’s.  The cage front has wire spaces of 1” x 1” and is NOT attached to the wire cage floor which also has wire spaces of 2” x 8”.  The Floor can slide out.  Upper part of the door allows animal to reach Feeder Cup and operate Touch Screen Panel.  The Guillotine Door will be able to open in various vertical positions starting with 3” and will also have a notch at the bottom to allow an animal to stick a leg out for specimen collection.  The “wire door” is a real door, with a surface ~ equal to the plastic door. This wire door opens completely and can be removed completely, so it is attached only to hinges. It has a guillotine door build into it.  The “cage front”, on the sides of the wire door is small enough to fit the squeeze handles, and is attached to the ceiling but NOT floor.


  • When the front door is open the squeeze back can be used.  The squeeze is constructed of a wire panel which also has wire spaces of 2” x 8”.  The handles for the squeeze extends through the integral cage front and reside in the space between the cage front and the hinged front door.  Latches secure the squeeze handles in various positions.  Provisions allow the squeeze to pass over the perch (plastic) mounted at the rear. The squeeze assembly slides on UHMW plastic bearings.


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