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Catalog #35549

The Swine Bio-Containment module allows the housing of swine in a microbiological environment that can operate at a BSL-2/3 level independent from surrounding room air systems.

Cage Specifications:

Cage is 12 Ft.2
All Stainless Steel and Lexan Material
Suitable for 250F Autoclave

Room air is drawn into unit through HEPA filters on the front doors, air is then exhausted through HEPA filters before being discharged back into the room using two fans.

Waste System:

  • Waste is washed down without opening the door. A traveling spray system sweeps waste down a central drain.

  • All waste is drained by gravity into one of two sealed waste tanks.

  • An inline chemical injector adds disinfectant to wash down water.

  • Tanks are isolated from the unit and can be removed independently for cleaning purposes.

Large lexan side windows offer clear visibility of animals.

A Magnehelic gage indicates internal negative pressure.

Unit can be configured to house multiple species.





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