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Stainless Capture Tunnel     

Catalog# 45870 (with scale # 51878)


  • Pair with Corner Stainless Tunnel #45871 (see image below)

  • Made with 304 Stainless Steel materials.

  • Dimensions of Tunnel are ~20” wide x 28” tall x 48” long.  48-5/8” overall height.

  • Elevated Base Frame that is 20-5/8” from casters to cage floor height.

  • Supported on four 5” SS Casters.  Casters outboard of frame with gusset tubes.

  • Mate Tunnel with center cage on existing 3 section tunnel #43721.

  • Guillotine Doors on each end with secure SS Latches provided.

  • (1) Adjustable Snout Vertical Door needed on 2 End Tunnels (similar to vertical tunnels #43416) that will attach and lock onto transfer box rod on the center cage of the 3 section tunnel #43721.  Need ~2” of vertical adjustment.  Existing cage door on 3 section tunnel does not need to operate when tunnel is connected.

  • (1) Regular Guillotine Divider Door at other end and between adjoining Tunnels.

  • Identical and interchangeable on both ends of Tunnel.

  • Tunnel walls are 3/8” Dia. vertical rods on 2” centers.

  • Guillotine Doors provided on each side of Tunnel at opposite ends from each other with secure Latches provided and a Transfer Box Rod.

  • ½” x ½” Stainless Steel Welded Wire Floors.

  • Options of Vertical Bar and Perforated Dividers similar to #33826 with UHMW slides.  These would lock in a similar version of gate latching bar #33827. Locking Bars will run ~24” from each end on side animal guillotine door ends.

  • (5) Horizontal Dividers provided with each tunnel.

  • Conceptual drawing provided for approval.

  • Bead Blasted to a Matte Finish.



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