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Portable Swine Cage  Catalog # 36485

All Stainless Steel Construction.


5" Stainless Steel casters. Adjustable water valve on the front of the cage.


Floor space is 24 square feet.


Full size man door, entry from the front. The Stainless Steel rod on the front of the cage is spaced on 1-1/2" centers.


Full size horizontal sliding animal door with a solid guillotine panel, and grooming/contact panel for different levels of interaction for the animal.


Floor space can be divided into 2 or 3 spaces. Each space has provisions for a food box and water bottle. (see photos below)


A wall lock latch is built into the back of the cage to secure the cage to the room wall.


A Resting Platform can be used in the Portable Swine Cage.



A removable food box (above) is attached to the front of the cage by sliding it in and out of a locking panel. The panel tilts out to add food, or remove box for cleaning. It locks into place with a stainless steel latch

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