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Collapsible Swine Pen Catalog #40250

Transforms in less than 30 seconds!



The Collapsible Swine Pen is constructed of Stainless Steel. The model shown has 24 square feet of floor space available when set up for use. The Pen can be fully collapsed for storage.


The Pen floor can be divided into two or more spaces with provisions for a food box and water bottle.


Each side wall is fully contained in setup or collapsed position. The side walls can be removed for paired housing.


An integral tilt mechanism compensates for a sloped room floor.


Large casters allow the Pen to be moved easily.


A full size man door and food provisions are on the front of the Pen.


A pre-piped, adjustable height water system is included.


Since Pens collapse, several can be sanitized at the same time.


Multiple sizes are available.


Other options include: Various designs of side wall panels and front doors are available from Stainless Steel rod up to 1" diameter tube. The pen can be fully enclosed by adding a collapsible wire panel roof.

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