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Play Cage

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Catalog # 42045


From collapsed to a fully enclosed pen in 32 seconds. Re-enforced toy/swing attachment points are included in the ceiling panels. Fixed perches are located at strategic locations to allow unit to collapse. Various swings, climbing poles and other enrichment devices can be easily added. Floor panels can be made of Aqua grate, Seaboard or other thermal neutral material.


Cage Specifications:

  • The collapsible play cage is constructed of stainless steel. The model shown has 28 SF of floor space when set up for use

  • The pen can be fully collapsed for storage

  • Large casters allow pen to be moved easily

  • The hinged floor and ceiling panels are operated by levers at each end of pen

  • Removeable waste pans can be left in place during washing or storage

  • Personnel and animal doors are included

  • A pre-piped water system is included

  • Since pens collapse, several can be sanitized at the same time

  • Multiple sizes and configurations are possible

  • Single design provides optimum flexibility for a wide range of species


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