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  • All 304 Stainless Steel construction.

  • 24 SF minimum of interior floor space based on an interior space of ~48” x 76”.

  • Approximate overall size of Units are 51” wide x 79” lg. x 80” tall.

  • Main Frame components constructed of SS 1-1/2’ X 1-1/2’ Box Tube.

  • Unit is supported on SS 5” Locking Casters.

  • Unit can collapse for transport, cage wash and storage.

  • Front of cage is full height and has 3/8” diameter SS rods on ~2” centers including Hinged Man Door.

  • The Hinged Man Door has a heavy duty latch and provisions for a lock.

  • Large Removable SS “J” Feed Box provided with secure SS Latch.

  • Removable Side Walls for pairing with other Units.

  • Side and Back Wall Panels to have vertical 3/8” Dia. SS rods on ~2” Centers.

  • The removable floor grate sections are Aqua Grate Pedestrian Grating #T1210.

  • Optional Waste Pans will slide in/out on guided brackets and be secured by a latch.  The Pens will collapse with the Waste Pans in place for transport, cage wash and storage.

  • Auto Watering with adjustable height provided in the center of back wall.

  • Control Arms provided on the floor assemblies to collapse Unit from outside the Pen.

  • Control Arms are secure in the Up/Down positions with a ½” Dia. SS Pin.

  • Wall Bumpers provided, made with UHMW Plastic to help protect room walls.

  • Optional Wall Lock Rail and Mechanism.  (may require a site visit for measuring)

  • Units are Bead Blasted to a Matte Finish.


Swine Pen Catalog # 44643

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