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Collapsible Holding Module

Catalog # 42629

Designed to house multiple wild polar bears, this fully collapsible module provides secure and mobile housing for any species. The unit is also enclosed and constructed of all #304 stainless steel. Measuring 12’ wide x 12’ long x 94” tall the module is easily collapsed to a mere 22” wide. Floor and ceiling panels are guided by heavy duty gas weight assisted shock’s allowing for virtually effortless expansion and collapsing. UHMW plastic skids located strategically on the bottom of the unit reduce friction with the ground when operating. The collapsible feature allows the module to easily be stored and transported in a standard shipping container. Two large animal doors and a man door provide multiple access points. A perforated diamond plate floor allows drainage of fluids into fixed sloping waste pans under the floor. Sloping waste pans then drain into several removable waste pans on each side of the module; providing easy access and an improved sanitization process. This unit is a custom size that can be designed to suit any space or specific species requirements. Pairing with other like units is also a possibility that will dramatically increase the amount of floor space.


  • 144 Square Feet of interior floor space

  • Two animal and one man door with positive spring back locks

  • Perforated diamond plate floors allow drainage to sloping fixed waste pan then into removable waste pans.

  • Heavy duty gas shocks provide weight assistance when collapsing or expanding

  • Both animals doors are sized specifically for each size transport crate


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