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Transport Cart Catalog #53938

  • All Aluminum construction with some Stainless-Steel components.

  • Overall size of Cage is approximately 22” wide x 30” long x 44” tall (with casters).

  • Caster Base is a formed pan with 1/8” AL. Plate.

  • 12” Clearance from floor to bottom of Cage.

  • Supported on (6) 8” SS Pneumatic Casters.  (4) Swivel and (2) Fixed.

  • (2) Solid Guillotine Doors provided, one on each side of Cage.

  • (6) Wire Mesh Doors to replace Solid Guillotine Doors.

  • All Doors to have comfortable grip handles.

  • Rear Handle provided to easily maneuver Cage located 32” from floor.

  • Wire Mesh Front with 1” x 1” ID openings. Wire is SS .162” Diameter wire mesh.

  • Floor is 1” half round Aluminum Bars, spaced with a ½” gap between bars.

  • Solid Squeeze Back Panel that will pull forward with bottom runners externally located.

  • Squeeze will glide on rods at the top and bottom.  (bottom externally located)

  • Squeeze has ¾” Rod Handles connected to Solid Panel.

  • Latch Mechanism provided to secure Squeeze when not in use.

  • A small Foot Brace located at the front base frame to assist in pulling squeeze.

  • Top of Cage is partially solid and wire mesh.

  • Handle located at the top front of Cage.

  • Bead Blasted to a Matte Finish.

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53938 - 2.jpg
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