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Custom Doors - Animal Holding

Catalog #44938 Cheetah -  #46609 Lion/Tiger -  #46610 CougarLion Tiger Bear Jaguar Cheetah Leopard


  • Aluminum and SS Steel construction materials.  SS Fasteners where needed.

  • Provide new Horizontal Sliding Animal Doors at front of Pens.

  • Door Assemblies to be bolted to existing Pen fence.

  • Horizontal sliding doors will open in 1” increments with secure latch.

  • Door Assemblies will have secure latch or pad lock capabilities.

  • C2SI to remove a portion of fence to accommodate the open section of door assembly.

  • Some of this work to be done in C2SI Shop with the install being done on site at the Zoosite. 

  • C2SI to coordinate the install with the Zoo staff at the appropriate time to move materials, tools and equipment to do the onsite work.



Before Install (#44938 Cheetah Door images)

During Install

After Install (Cheetah)

After Install (Lion/Tiger)#46609

After Install (Cougar) #46610

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