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Darting Door Assemblies

Catalog #49880 (Bars) #49891 (Mesh)


  • Stainless Steel materials.

  • Overall size is ~9-1/2” wide x 19-1/2” long.

  • Viewing area is ~6” x 16”.

  • Assemble 2 halves on man door with hole cut out to fit.

  • Vertical Bar Doors or Wire Mesh Doors.  Bars and Mesh on animal side.

  • Hinged Door on people side with pad lock holes. Solid OR Lexan insert.

  • Hinged Doors to have SS Detents to hold door closed when not padlocked.

  • Tamper Resistant fasteners provided on Door.

  • Size of Unit and Design can be customized to better suit your needs.

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