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Elephant Stand

Catalog #50306

  • Constructed with Aluminum materials.

  • Design to be used in Elephant Holding area, between the structural enclosure and the floor.

  • Dimensions are approximately 18” wide x 20” tall.

  • Made with Aluminum Box Tube Frame with 1/2” Aluminum Diamond Plate.

  • Lower Base Frame is ~18” wide x 28” long.

  • Lower Base Frame connected to Upper Frame with vertical frame members.

  • Upper Frame has single stinger that will fit between existing columns.

  • Stinger will have a Stainless Pin that passes through to the Lower Base Frame.

  • Pin will have a cotter pin that will help secure it when installed in Stand.

  • Upper Platform will have an 18” x 18” x ½” thick Diamond Plate surface.

  • 2 Pivoting Handles provided that swing out of the way when not being used.

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