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Gym Sets & Ferris Wheels

Catalog #'s 34050 Gym & 49991 Ferris Wheel shown

The Gym Sets are available in any shape and size. They are constructed of 4" PVC, and the ferris wheels are constructed of light weight aluminum.


PVC legs have rounded caps to protect the floor and are weighted to maintain position.


Ferris Wheel:

  • The Ferris wheel is 36” Diameter x 21” Wide.  

  • The wheel is fabricated using 1” diameter aluminum tube.

  • The central hub is made of 1-1/2” diameter aluminum pipe.

  • The wheel rotates on an axle with bearings mounted to frame.

  • Overall dimension is approx. 34” Wide x 60” Long x 55-1/2” Tall.

  • Stainless Steel Base Frame provided to add weight to prevent tipping.

  • The Box Tube Frame components that rest on floor are filled with sand and capped to weight the play structure down to minimize movement when in use.

  • Rubber feet provided to protect room floor.

  • All sharp edges have been removed.


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