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Feed - Treat Balls

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Catalog # TRU-W008395E

  • Constructed of 304 Stainless Steel.

  • Round Wire Ball made with .162” Diameter welded wire.

  • Welded into a full Ball. (no locking together halves)

  • A Wire is removed to introduce Food Biscuits into Ball.

  • Ball ends have plate welded to prevent animals’ fingers from getting pinched.

  • Weight reduced from initial prototype design.

  • Large Fixed Design to have a bigger Biscuit Hole provided.

  • Small Open Design to have a smaller Biscuit Hole provided.

  • Designed to hold a minimum of 6 biscuits.

  • Both fixed wire and open wire designs

  • Non opening treat ball also available (# TRU-W008395D)

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