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Marmoset Experimental Cage Catalog #53285

  • All 304 Stainless Steel Construction.

  • One over Three Design.

  • Rack is supported on SS 5” casters.  Locking casters on front of Rack.

  • An Adjustable Caster Base Frame provided to compensate for sloped floors.

  • Each Cage is ~27” wide x 27” deep x 21” tall.

  • Each Cage has a large fully hinged cage door with secure latch.

  • Top and Bottom Cage has smaller hinged cage door within the larger cage door, with secure latch.

  • Middle Cage has a small Sliding Cage Door within the smaller hinged door, with secure latch.

  • The Wire Mesh on the Cage Doors is ¾” x ¾” x 1/8” diameter SS Wire.

  • Perimeter Rods on Doors are ¼” Diameter SS Rod.

  • Frame of Rack is ¾” x ¾” SS Box Tubing.

  • Removable Dividers on both sides of cages are 3/8” thick seaboard plastic. (2 per cage)

  • Brachiating Bars provided and double as the Removable Divider Guides.

  • Cages will pair will another like Rack.

  • Pairing Mechanism provided with secure latch.

  • Bottom Cage is elevated off floor ~18”.

  • Nest Boxes included.

  • One Transfer Box included.  Connects to middle cage.  Design TBD

  • Perching included.

  • Water / Food Bowls included.

  • One Waste Tray provided for bottom cage.

  • Design can be modified as needed.

  • Approval Drawing provided prior to fabrication.

  • Bead Blasted to a Matte Finish.

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