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Ferret Isolator Chamber

Catalog #46282

  • Specifications – Ferret Isolator Chambers:

  • Rack containing 6 cages in a two over three configuration.

  • Each rack is approximately 83” tall x 74” wide.

  • Each rack has an integral base frame with 5” casters.

  • A blower unit is located at the back of the rack with system of Filters/Dividers.

  • Blower has a system so that the air flow can be easily reversed.

  • Each chamber has louvered sides to meter the horizontal air flow.

  • Each chamber has a water fitting that extends through the rear of each cage.

  • The chambers have hinged doors which all latch toward the center.

  • The hinged front doors have Pyrex glass which can be autoclaved.

  • The hinged doors have silicone foam seals which seal tight to the rack fronts.

  • Each cage is removable from the rack and each cage has a removable waste pan.

  • Each cage is approximately 24” wide x 30” deep x 20” tall.

  • Each cage has a hinged wire door with solid sheet on the lower ~4”.

  • Each cage has a wire floor grate above the removable waste pan.

  • Cages have vertical wire partition that can be positioned in the center or at third points.

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