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Flapper Box

Catalog #58184


  • Stainless and Lexan Plastic Construction.

  • Designed to be used with Sea Lions as enrichment device.

  • Approximate size of Flapper Box is 16” wide x 24” long x 10” tall.

  • Stainless sheet metal outer framework with Lexan Walls.

  • (6) individual compartments with individual hinged Lexan Doors.

  • Flapper Box is completely see through.

  • Single Center Hinge Rod contains all the Doors.

  • Handles at each end for maneuvering Box around or securing doors with bungee.

  • Bottom of Flapper Box is perforated Stainless Steel Sheet.  Allows Flapper Box to submerge beneath the water and drain itself when removed from the water.

  • All sharp edges removed.

  • All joints full welded.

Front View.JPG
Top View.JPG
End View.JPG
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