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HEPA Filtered Cart + Tub

Catalog #45351

  • All #304 Stainless Steel construction.

  • Overall size of Cart is approximately 16” wide x 44” long x 40” tall.

  • Frame is 1” x 1” SS Box Tube Frame.

  • Sloping SS Fixed Waste Tray provided at Base of Cart.

  • Handle provided on one end of Cart to maneuver it easily.

  • 4” SS Stem Casters provided.

  • Stainless Steel Bin and Lid provided in Cart made with 16ga. SS Sheet.

  • Bin / Tub Area is ~16” wide x 25” long x 18” deep.

  • Bin will be supported on SS Box Tube Frame of Cart on the bottom and around the top of the Bin.  Bin can also be used independently from the Cart. 

  • Lid of Bin will be modified with a SS Frame Assembly to retain standard size replaceable C2SI HEPA Filters.  The Filter Frame provides easy removal and replacement of HEPA.

  • One HEPA Filter and One Pre-Filter provided with Cart.

  • Wire Cage with door with secure latch will be provided to fit inside SS Bin.

  • A window will be provided in the bin lid to view animal.

  • Frame will be Bead Blasted to a Matte Finish.

HEPA Filtered Transport Cart

Catalog #35617

Constructed of Stainless Steel.


A handle is supplied to easily manuever the cart when the bin is full.


A sturdy Rubbermaid tub holds anesthetized animals securely, and a HEPA filter is installed on the lid for airflow.


A shelf on the bottom is sloped for drainage.


The HEPA filter is locked into a hinged lid. The filter can be easily replaced and cleaned.


Cart sits on 4" Poly stem casters.


A Stainless Steel box can be made in place of the Rubbermaid tub if desired.

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