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Duck Pens

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Catalog # 43533


  • All 304 Stainless Steel construction.

  • Each Unit has 8 SF of interior floor space.

  • Approximate internal dimensions of the Units are 40” x 28.8”.

  • Caster Base and Main Frame components constructed of SS 1-1/2’ X 1-1/2’ Box Tube.

  • Unit is supported on SS 5” Casters with Locking Casters on Front of Unit.

  • The front of the cage has 1/4” diameter rods on 1” centers including Man Door.

  • The Hinged Man Door has a heavy duty latch and provisions for a lock

  • Large Removable SS “J” Feed Box provided. Feed will slope toward animals through Box.  Feeder will be as low to the ground as possible ~5” off the ground and have minimal floor footprint to still contain 2 cups of food.

  • 4 side panels included per pen. Two removable panels per side made of SS 1/4” dia. Rods on 1” centers.

  • The center of each pen will have a track for placement of two side panels making it possible to divide it in half.

  • Feeders are removable.  In the event that a pen is divided in two (to make two 12SF pens) the “J” feeder must be removed to clear the track system and will include a panel that can be placed in its stead when the Side Panels are placed in the center of the pen.

  • Waste Deflectors/Splash Guards provided at rear of unit for wash down process.

  • Removable waste pan under floor made from 16ga 304 SS

  • The # 9 Tenderfoot floor will be in two sections per pen.

  • Floors are removable for easy cleaning.

  • Pens are Pair able with another like Unit on both sides, with or without the side panels in place.  Pairing Mechanism is attached to the top of the Pen.

  • Cage Units can be used separately.

  • Units will be Bead Blasted to a Matte Finish.

  • (R-1) Removable Ceiling Panel made from 5/16” to 3/8” SS Round bar perimeter frame with ¼” SS Round Verticals on 1” Centers.

  • (R-1) Flooring to be #9 Tenderfoot


As with all of our Products, these Duck Pens are a rugged design, made with quality components and craftsmanship to stand the test of time. 

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