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Removable Marmoset Bio Cage

Catalog #42816


  • All SS .162” Dia. Welded Wire construction with 1” x 1.5” front wire pattern.

  • Dimensions of Cages are approx. 34” wide x 29” deep and 32” tall.

  • Removable Perch mounted to the upper ¾ of front left hand corner of cage.  Perch made of a 2 sided 1” x 1” SS Angle frame with a ¾” x ¾” Welded Wire Panel in the base.  Angle frame used to help retain feed utensils when placed on perch.   Hooks provided on 10” Side without angle frame for attaching to inside front of cage.  Removable Perches are approx. 10” long x 6” wide in size. 

  • Squeeze Back will slide on TIVOR HOT Plastic Bearing Blocks.  No metal to metal surfaces.  Squeeze will latch in various forward positions.

  • A Removable Perch mounts to Squeeze Back.

  • The squeeze back can be latched at various forward positions when pulled.

  • (2) Horizontal Sliding Animal Doors will open like barn doors.  One will open to the right and one will open to the left.  Both with secure SS Latches.

  • Nest Boxes provided.  Boxes will be approx. 6” tall x 7” wide x 8” deep with an opening on one narrow side for access to animals.  Box to have a Thermal Neutral floor material.  Nest Box can be placed in various areas of Cage.

  • Removable Waste Pan provided with Latch.  Pan slides on Rails under Cage.

  • Additional SS Wires on both sides of Cage to reduce space between wires.      

  • Lock Tabs provided.

  • SS Latches and Clips to secure Cage into Chamber when operating Squeeze.

  • Cages are Bead Blasted to a Matte Finish.

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