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Metabolic Racks

and Cages


Catalog #36396 Rack - #36397 LH Cage - #36398 RH Cage


The Metabolic Rack and Cages are constructed of Stainless Steel and Lexan materials.

Cages can be equipped with lexan that is mounted to the front of the cage (as shown in photos).

All liquid drains through a wire mesh screen into the waste pan. It then drops into a collector with a finer mesh screen. The liquid drains through a funnel for collection.

A standard tube can be connected to the bottom of the funnel section.

Removable collection pans on a shelf help move collected liquid safely.

Waterline provided.

The rack and cages shown are 6.0 square feet. Other sizes are available.


More Metabolic Racks & Cages

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