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Dividable Play Cage

Catalog #34266


The Primate Play Cage is ideal for socialization of infant and young primates.


Pairs with Socialization Rack #35465 (shown in bottom right picture) and other Caging Systems.


All Stainless Steel construction.


Wire panels are 1" x 3" spacing, ceiling and floor panels are 1" x 1" spacing.


Full height panels seperates play cage into two equal compartments. One solid stainless steel panel, and one lexan panel are used. Other panels can be used (grooming)


Auto watering system, with quick disconnects, drain valve and SS tubing.


Latches on all doors and waste pans.


4" High-temp pivoting casters, locking design on front.


There are two personnel doors, one for each compartment.


Horizontal dividers on both sides of play cage to pair to racks.


Bead blasted to a matte finish.


An aluminum Ferris Wheel can be added to the cage.


The Play Cage can be made in many configurations and sizes.


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