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Pairable Play Cage

Catalog #34969


The Primate Play Cage is ideal for socialization of infant and young primates.


All Stainless Steel construction.


Wire panels are 1" x 3" spacing, ceiling and floor panels are 1" x 1" spacing.


Pairs with the Socialization Rack and Caging Systems.


Four horizontal sliding dividers pair to existing equipment. The play cage shown has grooming/contact divider installed.


Latches are used on all doors and waste pans.


Auto watering system, with quick disconnects, drain valve and SS tubing.


4" High-temp pivoting casters, locking design on front.


There is a full height personnel door on the right, one sliding animal door on the left.


Shown paired to a 6.0 2 over 2 rack.


Bead blasted to a matte finish.


An aluminum Ferris Wheel can be added to the cage.


The Play Cage can be made in many configurations and sizes.


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