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Polar Bear Demo Cage

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Rear View Open.jpg
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Catalog #54091


  • All Aluminum construction with Stainless Steel Latches, Casters and UHMW Plastic.

  • Approx. overall size of Unit is ~53” wide x 89” lg. x 77” tall.  (with casters)

  • Supported on Heavy Duty 5” SS Casters with Brakes.

  • Area under Base Frame to use a forklift if needed.

  • Vertical Bars Walls made of 1-1/4” Dia. Aluminum Tubes.

  • One Removable Side Wall to slide out for keeper access to animal when needed.

  • Removable Wall has 6 Poly Carbonate Panels, bolted down securely.

  • Side wall slides on UHMW Plastic Bearing Strip for smooth operation.

  • Top of Cage has Poly Carbonate ceiling enclosed in an Aluminum frame.

  • A smooth Aluminum Floor provided.

  • (1) Horizontal Style sliding door at one end with latches and lock tabs. 

  • Hinged Front Door at one end with latches and lock tabs.

  • Hinged Door to have mechanism to receive Head Cage and Paw Ports.

  • Removable Head Cage that can be replaced with a stainless wall panel.

  • Head Cage size is approximately ~21” wide x 18” tall x 20” long.

  • Head Cage is made of Stainless Wire and Angle.

  • Head cage and Wall Panel slide in UHMW Plastic Bearing Blocks for smooth operation.

  • Chain tie downs can be provided if needed to anchor Unit to facility wall.

  • X-Ray Head Cage provided made with Aluminum material and has Poly walls.

  • X-Ray Cage fits same places as the Paw Port and regular Head Cage.

  • Static Wall provided opposite removable wall, has 6 Poly Carbonate Panels, 3 of which have Slider Doors positioned at base of wall and one in the center rear of wall.

  • Slider Door Panels can be swapped out with any other Poly Wall Panel.

  • Paw Port Cage designed to fit on front door, same as Head Cage.

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