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Polar Bear Swim Station

Cataog # 45002    


•    Aluminum
•    C2SI to prep site and install all components of Swim Cage.
•    Provide a slide track for Guillotine Door I Gate at entry.
•    Guillotine Door measures 5' wide x 7' tall.
•    Provide short 16" tall wall off the existing CM U Wall.
•    Short Wall measures 16" tall x 1 O" Long.
•    Provide Ceiling Panel measuring 5' wide x 8' - 2" long.
•    Provide wall in front of wave machine 5' wide x 11' tall.
•    Provide wall on opposite CMU Wall 8'-2" long x 11' tall.
•    Welded Wire Wall Panel or Horizontal Rods provided to protect Wave Machine.
•    Structural framework provided to support 1" Thick Lexan wall panels.
•    An area provided for observation, cable ports and sealed Feeding Port/Gloved Box.
•    Customer approval drawings provided prior to fabrication.

The swim station provides a perfect exercise based current for the polar bear to swim against. The bears are enticed into the area using a treat box located at the front of the station. A guillotine door is provided for easy access to the station. 

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