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Restraint Cage   Catalog # 44114

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  • 11ga. 304 Stainless Steel construction.

  • 18ga. SS Sheet.

  • Approx. overall size of Unit is 34” wide x 72” lg. x 52” tall (with casters). (NTE 72”Long)

  • Inside operating dimensions are 30” wide x 70” long x 45” tall.  (can be adjusted)

  • Caster Base and Main Frame components constructed of SS 1” X 1” Box Tube.

  • Unit is supported on SS 5” Casters that will be outboard the main frame of Cage.

  • One fixed side wall of the unit has Removable 3/8” diameter rods on 3” centers.

  • Unit has open top with same 3/8” dia. Cross Rods on 3” centers.

  • The Restraint Wall has 3/8” diameter rods on 3” centers.

  • Restraint Wall operates using a removable crank handle turning a SS Acme Screw shaft.

  • Removable Crank Handle provided.

  • Restraint Wall is guided and glides on bearing system for easy operation.

  • Guillotine Style Doors at either end have removable 3/8” diameter rods on 3” – 6” centers.

  • Spring loaded stainless steel latched provided on guillotine doors.

  • Removable SS 16ga. Waste Pan provided with latch.

  • Solid Stainless Diamond Tread Flooring provided for easy cleaning.

  • Removable Wall side wall has 3/8” diameter rods on 3” centers.

  • Unit can be equipped with a ramp.

  • Size of Unit and Design can be customized to better suit your needs.

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