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Restraint Cage


Catalog #47658


  • All Aluminum and Stainless Steel construction.

  • To be used and designed as a Tunnel, Restraint and Nest Box.

  • Approx. size of Units is 24” wide x 36” lg. x 24” tall.

  • One fixed side wall of the unit has 3/8” diameter rods on 5/8” centers.

  • Fixed Side wall has (3) Removable Rods, One at each Guillotine Door End, and center.

  • Unit has solid top to contain animal within.

  • The Restraint Wall has solid panel and moves forward.

  • Restraint Wall operated by crank handle that turns a SS Acme “Speedy” Screw shaft.

  • Restraint Wall is guided and glides on bearing system for easy operation.

  • Restraint Wall to move towards rod wall when activated.

  • Crank Handle made to be removed, bolted in place.

  • Crank Handle end to be recessed as best as it can.

  • (2) Lockable Solid Guillotine Style Doors at both ends with additional 2” x 2” Mesh Door.

  • Guillotine Doors secured with latches.

  • Solid Floor provided.

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