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Restraint Capture Tunnel


Catalog #47811

  • Made with Aluminum and Stainless Steel materials.

  • Approximate Dimensions of Tunnel are 29” wide x 50” tall x 96” long.

  • All 4 Cage sections will have a Squeeze Back Mechanism.

  • Double Handed Squeezes similar to existing design.

  • Tunnel/Chute needs to be elevated off the ground…..TBD.

  • Chambers have flip up Top Door Panels made out of 1” x 1” SS Wire Panel.

  • Horizontal Door on each end and center areas with secure SS Latches provided.

  • Floor of Tunnel is 1” x 1” wire bottom panel.

  • Tunnel walls are 3/8” Dia. Horizontal rods on 7/8” centers.

  • Coordinate site visit with customer to verify dimensions.

  • Bead Blasted to a Matte Finish.

Capture Tunnel  Catalog #51890 images

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