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Lexan Restraint Chair


Catalog # 54596

  • Custom Designed to work with existing caging being used.

  • Use 3/8” Lexan Plastic and various Stainless materials and Fasteners.

  • Chair: approximate size is 13” x 14” x 30” tall.

  • Various enrichment and Procedure Doors provided with SS Latches.

  • Various Removable Divider/Neck Panels provided that slide in/out of Chair with secure Latches.

  • Adjustable Floor Assembly provided with secure Threaded Knobs.

  • Various Treat Holes provided in upper section of Chair.

  • Various Handles, Eye Bolts to attach to home cages, SS Push Pins that secure various panels.

  • Lexan Waste Tray/Pan provided.

  • Aluminum Base Plate that will rest on Cart below.

  • Removable Head Cage Cover with adjustable ceiling rods, with threaded plastic knobs provided.

  • Collar Plate Assembly will insert into lower portion of Chair.  Remove Head Cage Cover.

  • Chair can work independently of the Adjustable Lift/Cart.

Restraint Chair  Catalog # 54159

Front View 54159
Side View 54159
Rear View 54159
Head Restraint View 54159
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