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Restraint Cage Catalog #36486


The Restraint Cage is typically used for transport and restraining of animals to inject or extract specimens. It provides safety for the technician, and helps to keep the animal contained without injury. The rod spacing on the sides of the cage, and the open top allows easy access to the animal.

  • All Stainless Steel and Aluminum construction.

  • 4" Stem Casters

  • Size of cage pictured is: 24" W x 40" L x 43" T. It can be made in any size needed; wire spacing on sides can be made as needed.

  • Used with large animals (swine, dogs, etc.)

  • Aluminum removable guillotine doors on both ends; lock into place with Stainless Steel latches.

  • Removable Aqua Grate flooring.

  • Removable waste pan.

  • A Stainless Steel Acme screw activates squeeze back by rotating a crank handle.

  • Squeeze rides on UHMW bearings, encased in Stainless Steel tubes to reduce noise and drag.

Restraint Cage Catalog #50175


  • All 304 Stainless Steel construction.

  • Approximate overall size of Unit is 24” wide x 40” lg. x 44-5/8” tall (with casters).

  • Caster Base and Main Frame components constructed of SS 1” X 1” Box Tube.

  • Unit is supported on SS 5” Stem Casters.

  • One fixed side wall of the unit has 3/8” diameter rods on 3” centers.

  • Unit has open top. (adding rods is optional)

  • The Restraint Wall has 3/8” diameter rods on 3” centers.

  • Restraint Wall is operated using crank handle that turns a SS Acme Screw shaft.

  • Restraint Wall is guided and glides on bearing system for easy operation.

  • 2 Guillotine Style Doors at either end have 3/8” diameter rods on 3” centers.

  • Removable SS 16ga. Waste Pan provided.

  • Removable Aqua Grate Floor Panel provided.

  • Bead Blasted to a Matte Finish.

  • Unit can be equipped with an optional ramp.

  • Can be customized with special features and removable vertical rods if needed.

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