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Restraint Capture Tunnel


Catalog #46280

  • Made with Aluminum and Stainless Steel materials.

  • Approximate Dimensions of Tunnel are 18” wide x 28” tall x 75” long.

  • Tunnel is 22” tall from casters, 28” overall with casters.

  • Tunnel has Handles both ends for maneuvering.

  • Supported on four 5” SS Casters.

  • Tunnels made to pair with one another in several configurations.

  • Tunnels will be divided into 3 equal sized chambers.

  • Section closest to cage end will have restraint system.

  • Restraint Wall to have a “Speedy” SS Acme Screw to expedite restraint wall.

  • Restraint Wall operated by Wheel and will ride on support guides.

  • Fixed Wall behind Restraint Wall provided to match rest of Tunnel.

  • (2) Chambers have flip up Top Door Panels made out of 1” x 1” SS Wire Panel.

  • Guillotine Doors on each end and center areas with secure SS Latches provided.

  • Guillotine Doors & Latches will be able to lock in the open and closed positions.

  • (5) Identical Guillotine Doors per Tunnel, ~17.5” wide x 25.5” tall.

  • A Guillotine Door provided at center of one side of Tunnel to pair in “T” config.

  • Removable Waste Pans under each chamber.

  • Floor of Tunnel is 1” wide flat bar with ½” gaps running the width of Tunnel.

  • “D” Rings attached to each side of the Tunnels for ratchet strap connection.

  • Needs to pair with cage end and Tunnel ends.

  • Tunnel walls are 3/8” Dia. Horizontal rods on 7/8” centers.

  • Bead Blasted to a Matte Finish.

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