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River Hog Crate


Catalog #48040


  • Tig/Mig welded corrosion resistant Aluminum.

  • Approx. overall size of Red River Hog Unit is 32” wide x 50” lg. x 32” tall.  (no casters)

  • All Aluminum Box Tube Frame.

  • T1215 (1.5” thick) Pultruded Fiberglass flooring.

  • Left and Right Long sides are drilled on 3” (tbd) Centers for removable vertical bars.

  • Removable bars are made of ½” Stainless Steel Round Bar with a L Shaped Handle and held in place by gravity. ¼” Holes at top for locking provision.

  • Locking Bars for wall rods located on Left and Right sides OR Cotter Pin retainer clips.

  • Top of Cage/Crate is Covered with an aluminum panel.

  • Aluminum Guillotine Doors on Front and Back (3 ports tbd.)

  • Size of Unit and Design can be customized to better suit your needs.


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