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  • All 304 Stainless Steel construction.

  • Size of Unit is approximately 36” wide x 48” long x 48” tall. (with casters)

  • Unit is supported by (4) 4” Stainless Steel Casters.

  • (2) Doors, one at each end of Cart will allow access for the animal in and out of Cart.

  • Chamber Door to have Lexan Plastic Window. 

  • Door will have a Heavy Duty Latch and a pad lockable tab provided.

  • Removable “T” Slatted Fiberglass Plastic Flooring provided for easy cleaning.

  • The Floor Grate is made from Aqua Grate Pedestrian Grating #T1210 or compatible “T-Bar” extruded fiberglass flooring able to hold human weight.

  • The Floor Slats are 1-1/2” wide with a ¼” Gap between Slats.

  • All Side Walls are Solid SS Sheet.

  • Top of Cart has a HEPA Fan Box provided to circulate air with a Battery Backup System.

  • Battery Backup System provides 15 hours of continuous Fan circulation if needed.

  • The HEPA Filter can be easily changed or removed.

  • Secure Latches for Fan Box provided.  Handles at either end of cart to maneuver.

  • A SS Cover Plate provided when Fan Box is removed.

  • Bead Blasted to a Matte Finish.

Sheep Transport Cart

Catalog #45003

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