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Sliding Door - Ape

Cataog # 46110


  • Stainless Steel construction materials. 

  • SS Fasteners where needed.

  • Modify existing Door Panel to slide open/close in ape enclose.

  • Door is ~51” tall x 55” wide.  Door opening is 45” tall x 48” wide.

  • Provide an upper channel/rail guide for door to slide side to side.

  • Door to have wheel assemblies that roll within upper channel/rail guide.

  • Provide lower channel/rail guide to retain door from curious animals.

  • Allow adequate drainage for lower channel/rail guide.

  • (2) Vertical End Channels provided to help retain door when open/closed.

  • One vertical channel will allow handle for shift door to pass through and support arm.

  • Pull Arm to pivot up/down outside the enclosure and lock open/close.

  • Door System to be installed by drilling through concrete wall and bolting it to wall.

  • Customer to approve design before manufacturing.

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