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Group #6 Socialization Cages  Catalog #41764

The Group #6 cage is a rugged design constructed of all #304 stainless steel. The configuration permits horizontal pairing with other units. The cages are separated into two 5 sq. ft. chambers with removable center divider. Dividers on both sides can pair with the one-over-one socialization rack and provide three levels of socialization; solid, visual, and grooming respectively. A fixed solid perch is below the divider panel is a thermal neutral plastic rimmed in SS tube. Squeeze back is operated by a single handle design. All doors have provisions for use of padlocks, including the horizontal animal door integrated to the hinged main door. Accessories include but not limited to hinged waterline, linear perch, removable feed box and dry waste pan.


Cage Specifications:

  • 10.1 square foot of floor area

  • Interior height of 46”

  • Overall dimensions are 48” wide x 40” deep x 61” tall

  • Cage is supported by 5” dia. X 2” wheels with sealed SS bearing and tech lock brakes

  • Cage is bead blasted to a matte finish

Socialization Rack  Catalog #48480

•    One-Over-One Configuration that allows Horizontal and Vertical Pairing.
•    Overall height of rack is 82-1/2" to pass through an 82-3/4" tall door opening.
•    Overall width is 34-7/8" to pass through a 39-1/2" door way.
•    Each cage has 6.25 sq. ft. of floor area based on outside frame dimensions.
•    Interior height of each cage is a minimum of 32".
•    Each rack is supported on Blue SS Casters with 5" Dia. X 2" wide wheels.
Front with Brakes, Rear no brakes.
•    Infinitely Pairable horizontally with other like Units.
•    Foraging Board and access hole provided.
•    Provide small access door below new Single Squeeze Handle Pull.
•    Removable Solid Feed Box with secure latch provided.
•    Single Handed Squeeze Back provided, it will act as Linear Perch.
•    A Telescoping Mid-Section provided.
•    Waste Trough and Drain Tube provided.
•    Improved Divider Latches with more clearance for engagement.
•    Full Height Socialization Panels include Visual Lexan, Grooming Contact and Solid Dividers. One Panel on LH Side of Cage and Two on RH Side of Cage.
•    Fixed Privacy Panels provided at rear of Divider Assemblies.
•    New improved Pairing Mechanisms with Tethered SS Quick Release Pins.
•    Bumper and Handle provided.
•    Designed to pair with play cage, as well.
•    All units are bead blasted to a matte finish.

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