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  • One-Over-One racks will have maximum height of 83-3/4”, integral 6.2 Sq. Ft. cages. 

  • Both the top & bottom cages will have an interior height of 32” and 36” minimum. 

  • Each cage includes a latching squeeze system and self storing pairing panels on each side of each cage. 

  • Each cage has a solid pairing (divider) panel on the left side and a visual (perforated) panel and a grooming divider on the right side. 

  • The racks pair from both sides providing three stages of socialization prior to opening the panels between adjoining racks.  The pairing panels are operated by push-pull hinged handles that can be locked in the open or closed position.

  • A fixed sloping wet waste pan is located under each of the cages.  The upper pan slopes toward an enclosed trough at the rear that directs the waste to a center vertical waste pipe that controls the waste to the floor trough.  The lower waste pan drains directly to the floor trough.

  • Water valves are provided in the pre-piped water system.  

  • Each cage has a horizontal sliding animal door, opening for food, transfer box rod, cage card holder and cantilever style perch.

  • The racks can be paired on each side.  A pairing system and a wall lock latch and release system secures the racks to the wall as well as at the front and rear of each rack.

  • The integral rack and cage unit is supported on a caster base frame with 4” diameter caster with heavy duty caster frames, phenolic wheels suitable for a 275 F autoclave.

  • Provisions are provided for a removable (future) dry waste pan to be inserted below each cage, top & bottom.


One-Over-One Socialization Rack

 Catalog #38037  -  6.2sf

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