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One-Over-One Socialization Rack

 Catalog #44839

  • One-Over-One Configuration that allows Horizontal and Vertical Pairing.

  • Overall height of rack is 82-1/2” to pass through an 82-3/4” tall door opening.

  • Overall width is 34-7/8” to pass through a 39-1/2” door way.

  • Cages have 6.25 sq. ft. of floor area based on outside of frame dim. of 30” x 32”.

  • Interior height of each cage is 32”.

  • Each rack is supported on Colson Casters with 5” Dia. X 2” wide wheels, SS bearings. Front casters have Brakes.

  • All metal components are #304 stainless steel.

  • SS Spring Loaded Latches provided.

  • Doors are fixed and have 1” x 3” wire configuration.

  • Horizontal Sliding Animal Door provided with secure spring loaded SS Latch.

  • Foraging Board Provided.

  • The primary frame members are fabricated of 1/8” thick SS plate.

  • All cages sides are fabricated of 16 Ga. SS sheet, half grid wire and sheet metal.

  • All sloping waste pans and troughs are fabricated of 16 Ga. SS sheet.

  • The caster base frame is fabricated of 1-1/2” square SS tube.

  • Heavy Duty Waterlines are hinged for easy maintenance.  Fully tested.

  • Improved Squeeze Back Assembly. Squeeze glides on UHMW Plastic Bearing Blocks. 

  • Double handled squeeze.

  • Full Size Divider Panels on both sides of cage, from floor to ceiling.

  • Socialization Panels include a Solid, Grooming Contact on the Right side of the cage and a Perforated Divider on Left Side.

  • Integral Wall Locks provided. 

  • Pairing Mechanisms included.

  • A Telescoping Mid Section provided. It consists of the Floor from the top cage, the Ceiling from the bottom cage and a telescoping waste pan.  When the mid section is telescoped to allow vertical pairing, the Half Floor, Half Ceiling and Half Waste Pan slide to the rear of the rack.  No parts to remove or store.  The Telescoping Waste Pan drains to the rear of the rack in either position.  The Rear Floor, Ceiling and Waste Pan are fixed to allow the front half to nest within them.

  • Bumper and Handle provided.

  • Fixed Pad Lock Assembly provided to keep pad lock with cage at all times.

  • Waste Trough and Drain Tube provided.

  • All units are bead blasted to a matte finish.

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